Vocational Rehabilitation Services

Military and veteran students with disabilities may receive services from both Veterans (VA) Voc Rehab and a State Voc Rehab Office.

The VA Voc Rehab requires an individual to have a service connected disability to qualify for services, however, the State Voc Rehab does not require the disability to be service connected.

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Vocational Rehabilitation

Iowa Vocational Rehabilitation Services works with individuals with disabilities who want to become employed. If an individual is determined eligible for services we assist them to achieve their employment goal by providing such things as tuition assistance, counseling/advising, assistive technology and other services.

Katrina Webbeking
Iowa Vocational Rehabilitation Associate

Office:  116B Gilchrist Hall
UNI Office Phone: 319-273-6349
Work Cell: 319-429-3815



Federal Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment Services