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Military and Veteran Student Services

Mission: Our role is to support military members, veterans, and their families at UNI as they transition between military duty, college, and new careers. We are committed to faculty and staff education, on and off campus resource networking, advocacy, and listening to each student to ensure that each military affiliated students' voice is heard and they are empowered to achieve success in class and beyond.

Module 6: Potential Stressors

Module 6: Potential StressorsStresses of military life in garrison (Non-deployment status)

  • Military comes first
    • Physical fitness is mandatory. Service members on active duty are required to attend PT (Physical training) for a minimum of 5 days a week as a unit. Training may start around 6 am followed by a minimum of an 8 hour work day.
    • Lots of job training
      • A high degree of job proficiency is required – When not deployed, training is a regular part of daily activities.
      • Training is realistic – Some service members are wounded or killed in training.
      • Temporary Duty (TDY) for additional training at locations away from home, which includes month long schools to be eligible for promotion to the next rank.
  • Mass punishment for negative conduct of one service member (unit may be called in to work over weekends, early morning or late evenings).
  • Before/after deployments boredom can be stressful since service members go from a high intensity real threat environment to a comparatively relaxed environment (training only). This change of environment can sometimes lead to unhealthy thrill seeking behavior (ex. drugs/alcohol, speeding,
  • Navy members may do short training rotations on ships every few months.


  • End time in Service (ETS): Potential stresses
    • I had a mission, purpose and respect with rank– now I’m a freshman/civilian – loss of identity.
    • Difficulty translating military skills and experiences to civilian terminology.
      • Little resume experience.
    • Moving to something unknown
      • No Military culture/support.
      • General moving stressors.
      • Hometown will be different upon return.
    • Stop lossed- Prepared to leave and then Military involuntarily extends you.  Often during war/threat of war.
    • Changes in friends/family etc
      • Leaving your friends who you have been through rough times.
      • Hard to meet new friends.
      • Learning new family roles.
    • Stress of not having the military community as a service member learns how to navigate the Veterans Hospital and Education Benefits, filing disability claims if injured in the service, etc.
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