Military and Veteran Student Services

Mission: Our role is to support military members, veterans, and their families at UNI as they transition between military duty, college, and new careers. We are committed to faculty and staff education, on and off campus resource networking, advocacy, and listening to each student to ensure that each military affiliated students' voice is heard and they are empowered to achieve success in class and beyond.

Military & Veteran Student Services


The Veterans Student Committee provides advice and counsel to the Vice President for Student Affairs and the Coordinator of Veterans Student Services on matters related to student veterans. The Committee is appointed by the Vice President in consultation with others, is chaired by the Coordinator of Veterans Student Services, and meets as determined by the Chair. 

Current Membership

Academic Learning Center Nick Sullivan
Academic Advising Rachel Ruane
Continuing and Distance Education Justin Szabo
Faculty/staff at-large Bruce Bowler
Faculty/staff at-large Ashley Adams
Admissions Dan Schofield
Financial Aid Nicole Lehman
Veterans Certifying Official Tricia Welter
Veterans Certifying Official Linda Feuchtwanger
Counseling Vacant
Student Disability Services Jenny Lynes
Military Science/ROTC Jon Thompson
Iowa Vocational Rehabilitation Jody Gibson
UNIVA President Chris Kennedy


Members represent units and are recommended for appointment as is described here:

Member/Representative Recommender
Academic Affairs Provost
Academic Learning Center Director, Academic Center
Academic Advising Director, Academic Advising
Compliance & Equity Management Director, Compliance and Equity Management
Faculty/staff at-large (3)* Vice President for Student Affairs
Community* Vice President for Student Affairs
University Relations Executive Director, University Relations
Admissions Director, Admissions
Financial Aid Director, Financial Aid
Veterans Certifying Official University Registrar
Counseling Director, Counseling
Student Disability Services Coordinator, Student Disability Services
Student Health Clinic Director, Student Health Clinic
Military Science/ROTC Battalion Commander
Iowa Vocational Rehabilitation Services Coordinator
Student President, NISG
Student Representative of Veterans' Student Organization

*Preference in making at-large appointments will be given faculty, staff or community members who are veterans, who have particular research or content knowledge about veterans' matters, or who have particular professional responsibilities related to military service. 

**In the case where there is not a currently-functioning student organization of students who are veterans, preference in making the appointment will be given to students who are veterans. 


The committee was appointed in fall 2009 by Vice President for Student Affairs Terry Hogan to conduct initial assessment of needs of veteran students and provide coordination of existing services. Dan Schofield of Admissions was initial chair. In fall 2011, Assistant Registrar Jennifer Suchan was assigned to coordinate veteran student services and the charge to the committee was refined. 

Approved by Vice President for Student Affairs, August 1, 2011

Replaces previous version approved July 1, 2009